CAIRN: an interactive design research tool #MadeinNYUMakerSpace

You might have wondered as you came in to the MakerSpace “what is this wooden table with colorful piles next to the pillar?” Maybe you stopped by; Maybe you looked up at the poster; and some of you built a Cairn (aka one of the small piles of colorful shapes). (Thank you to those who built one or several!). Whether you stopped or not, you will find an answer to your questions in this video…

If They Need You, They’ll Forgive You

We are Britt Martin (GSAS ‘18) & Jenn Kim, Co-Founders of Food Period,  and this is our journey in the NYU Prototyping Fund. Phase 1 Food Period received it’s first grant from the Prototyping Fund in September 2017. We got straight to work on developing the MVP for our idea: a functional food product, sold in a monthly subscription box, that commercializes a practice used in functional nutrition to improve women’s menstrual cycles. All we had was…

The NYU Prototyping Fund: a collaboration between NYU Greenhouse @MakerSpace and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

Paula Seligson, a graduate Business Journalism student at NYU, came to report on our 9th Prototyping Fund Showcase which took place early December at NYU Tandon MakerSpace.