Summer Start Up Sprint: Looking for a way to refine and grow your idea into a start up

Check the Summer Start Up Sprint, a “2- to 3-week intensive program is one of two bi-annual Startup Sprints for NYU undergrads, grad students & postdocs. Designed for current students (graduating in 2019 or later), the Sprint is an opportunity for early-stage teams to test the value of their solutions with potential customers through customer discovery and experimentation. The Summer Sprint offers either a $350 grant (for two-week participation) or $700 (for three-week participation), plus an opportunity for select…

New Power Tools

The MakerSpace now has three new machines available to students: a compound miter saw, band saw, and drill press. The “Benchtop Power Tool Training” on our calendar covers use of all three of them. The miter saw is good for short cuts and getting perfectly angled cuts. Possible projects range anywhere from simple picture frames to shelves and furniture. The band saw currently has a 1/4″ blade and is good for both straight and oddly…

Job Opportunity at LifeSci NYC!

LifeSci NYC is looking for talented and dedicated students interested in pursuing careers in the life sciences sector. Host companies and organizations range from early-stage startups to large pharmaceutical and biotech firms, including BioHealthWays, Celmatix, Chimeron Bio, Deerfield, Envisagenics, Fesarius Therapeutics, Kinnos, Lucerna, Mirimus, NewYorkBIO, Pfizer, Roche, and the New York Stem Cell Foundation. Read more here.